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Building & Planning in Roxby Downs

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Roxby Council is required to assess all forms of development against the Roxby Downs (Municipality) Development Plan, as well as the Building Code of Australia under the Development Act 1993 and associated Regulations.  This is carried out under long standing arrangements with both City of Salisbury (building assessment) and a planning consultant (planning assessment).

Regulations establish procedures which Council must follow in its assessment of applications including what level of public notification is required, and where applications must be referred to external authorities, such as the Environment Protection Authority and the Development Assessment Commission for concurrence. Fees are set out via the Development Regulations 2008. These fees are standard across the State.

On this page you will find information relevant to:

  • Current Development Register
  • Building and Planning Assessments
  • Building & Planning Guides and Information Sheets
  • Roxby Council Building & Planning Application Form
  • Related Links & Useful Sites

nb: this site it currently undergoing improvements and we will be adding more information and documents soon.

Current Development Register: 

The Public Development Register is available upon request or can be viewed in the Roxby Council office.


Building & Planning Assessments:

A Building & Planning assessment typically involves consideration of the development site and surrounding land, and issues such as the proposed appearance, setbacks, car parking, overlooking and overshadowing.  In making an assessment, the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of an application will be weighed up and, in some cases, a proposed development may receive Planning Consent despite not meeting all the relevant Development Plan policies.

The guides and information sheets below will help you to determine if you need to submit a Development Application before proceeding with a building or development proposal.  The guides also provide you with important information about what documentation, plans and the like need to be submitted with a development application.


 Web Icon Guides and Information SheetsBuilding & Planning Guides and Information Sheets:

Development Application Process(81 kb)

Guide to Development - Domestic.pdf(58 kb)

Guide for Minor Domestic Structures.pdf(110 kb)

Guide for New Houses - House Extensions.pdf(51 kb)

Detached Dwelling Additions - Granny Flats.pdf(77 kb)

Building Planning QA's.pdf(65 kb)

Fencing a corner block(301 kb)


application form Application Forms: 

Development Application Form(371 kb)


web iconRelated Links and Useful Sites:

Roxby Council refer to the City of Salisbury and a planning consultant when assessing building and development applications- the City of Salisbury Building and Development site has a range of useful information-

Development Act 1993 -

Development Regulations 2008 -

Australian Building Codes Board -

Roxby Council Building Inspection Policy -


Please contact Roxby Council if you have any questions or require further information:

web icon(08) 8671 0010




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