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Scheduled power outages august 2019

During the period commencing Tuesday 13 August to Wednesday 21 August 2019, Roxby Power will be undertaking a major maintenance inspection of the Township High Voltage Distribution System.

There will be a series of rolling power outages within the township so that equipment may be accessed for inspection and maintenance works.  Every effort will be made to limit the inconvenience it may cause.

The attached map and outage table provides details of town areas impacted:

1. Please read the map and table carefully, as it determines if and when the maintenance may impact you.

2. Determine which zone you are in.

3. Plan ahead for the scheduled power outage in your area.

August 2019 Power Maintenance Outages - Map and Outage Table(1636 kb)

Power Maintenance - What happens?(257 kb)


We expect all work to be completed within the time limits published, however issues that arise on the day may necessitate work taking longer than planned.  If the supply is not restored before or exactly on time then there is a reason for it.  We request all customers to be patient if the supply is late being switched back on.  Please allow at least 30 minutes before reporting delays in restoration of power.

logo facebook  Please watch the Roxby Council Facebook and Roxby Council website for relevant updates.

Your patience during this work is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to or contact Council on 8671 0010.




About Roxby Power

Roxby Power - Electricity Supply - from 1 July 2019

Roxby Power is a Division of Roxby Downs Council. Roxby Power Logo

Council is appointed as the power distribution authority for the Roxby Downs Township under Section 18 of the Schedule to the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982. The Indenture Act specifies the operating and tariff principles that apply to the supply of electricity for the Township.

The supply of electricity in Australia has undergone profound change since the Indenture Act was created, with movement away from State-based authorities to a nationally networked and regulated market.  In this new environment, Roxby Power acts as both a distributor and retailer of electricity. It is also responsible for public street lighting.

Roxby Power - Application for supply of electricity 2018(173 kb)

 Roxby Power Service and Installation Rules(340 kb)


Solar Installation

Roxby Power - Solar - Electricity Supply Guideline and Conditions for Solar Approval(640 kb)

Roxby Power - Installers Application for Solar System Form(749 kb)



Roxby Power operates under a Distribution Licence issued by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) and also reports to the Technology Regulator office within the Department of State Development.

It is exempt from holding a Retail Licence under the National Retail Energy Law. However the Exemption Notice, which is issued by the State Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, imposes a range of conditions that closely reflect the terms of Retail Licence.

This situation also applies to BHP who is the sole licensee for retail and distribution of electricity to Olympic Dam.

BHP owns 256kV and 132kV power lines that transmit electricity from the national grid at Port Augusta to Olympic Dam. A 33kV line then serves the Roxby Township where Roxby Power takes control.  

 Roxby Power - Supply Terms and Conditions 14 Sep 2018(333 kb)



New residents are required to lodge an application for the supply of electricity.  As the application form states, for new customers (ie those customers who have not established a two year good credit history with this Council), there are three payment options you can choose from.  Please inform Council within 2 weeks, which option you would like to implement and complete the relevant forms.

Direct Debit Changes - Frequently Asked Questions - Direct Debit changes Roxby Power FAQ June 2018(198 kb)


2019-2020 Fees & Charges

Effective as at 1 July 2019   Electricity Fees & Charges 2019-2020(82 kb)



NEW CUSTOMERS signing up for Electricity accounts -You must specifically advise us that you would like to opt in for eBilling; otherwise accounts will be sent in the mail.

EXISITING CUSTOMERS with Electricity accounts need to Opt in to eBilling using the eBilling Opt-in Form attached: eBilling Opt-in Form


Further Information

For residents that require a further, more detailed explanation on these charges or to obtain a detailed discussion paper which highlights the complex issues around electricity pricing in Roxby, please contact the Council Office during office hours. 

For tips on how to use electricity efficiently visit

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